Cathy Bates as the Bearded Lady

The most amazing thing I have heard all day!!!!! I’m so excited for this season!

They Want Too Much

Apparently these people

These judgmental,


Uncaring people

That seem to dictate our society

Want us to be what we are not.

They want us to be:

A size two,

Meek as a mouse,

Calmer then the ocean,

To like all the same things,

And to be obedient to their every whim.

But I will not!

I am loud and proud!

I’m nerdy and really quirky,

But brave and bold.

For a long time these people,

These oblivious pain causing

Soul destroyers

Made me feel….

Less then human

And guilty for being who I am.

But I am here to say that I am


They might still think I am some freak.

But I fight it now!

So I can be loyal to myself.



And be fearless.

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Unable Haiku

Unable to sleep

Unable to understand

Unable to face the day.

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Got Batman Assault on Arkham

Watching it right now! Currently very impressed. Love Harley Quinn’s outfit! If only my DVD player weren’t pausing every five seconds, I’d be much happier. But I still have Batman so I’m content.

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