Never Forget Haiku

Never forget who you are!

We are all special and different

Be proud of you!

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What I Am

I’m a writer,

I’m a survivor,

I’m a pariah,

I’m a legend,

I’m an artist,

I’m a fan,

I’m unique.

There’s no one else quite like me.

And I’m okay with that,

Society is too.

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Night Haiku

In the darkness we hide.

Yet when the nightly hour comes

The skies light up like no other times.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Game of Thrones House Sigils

Shadow Game Of Thrones

I love this!

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This Feeling

I’m trapped!

Being consumed by never ending darkness.

There’s no light,

No hope.

Self pitying!

Feeling alone,



And overwhelmed.

Desperately wanting someone to say something

To redeem my existence.

But nothing.

Today I am empty space,

But tomorrow,

Tomorrow will be different

Some way,

Some how it will be better.

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